What is Garbh Sanskar?

Indian ancient science with modern scientific proof. It is a positive, joyful and virtuous lifestyle of a pregnant woman.

For whom and when to do?

For Pregnant Mothers and Pregnancy Planners.

It should be practiced on a daily basis till the last day of pregnancy.


Increases the chances for having happy, healthy and genius baby.

To develop IQ,EQ, PQ and SQ of unborn child.

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World's first Garbhsanskar course for positive,joyful and virtuous pregnancy.Get daily 12 activities as per pregnancy day.


Webinar is a seminar held on the Internet in which only online part can be taken. Webinar is also called online seminar.


An excellent two way communicative workshop where a lot of practical knowledge regarding Garbhsanskar will be served.


Vocational assistance regarding problems that may arise while attaining the ideal offspring will be arranged to help the Parent.

Scientific Proof of Garbh Sanskar

80% Brain Development in mother’s womb

As per science, 80% brain of the baby develop in mother’s womb. At the time of birth new born has 100 billion neurons. During pregnancy, neuron develops at the rate of 2.5 lacks per minute.

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Language learning

Newborn baby can easily distinguish between mother language and foreign language as per science.

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Babies learn to recognize words

Science has proved that babies learn to recognize words in the mother’s womb. Babies can even retain the information after birth, which they have captured during pregnancy in mother’s womb.

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Impact of Positivity

As per science, positive lifestyle and stress free pregnancy increases the neuron development rate, and negativity and stress decreases the neuron development rate.

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Team Majestic Garbh Sanskar is ready to help you, because we know that

A strong building cannot be built on a weak foundation Seeds can be rectified, not the tree Pregnancy Is A Time For Relaxation And Meditation, Not For Anxiety!

- Jayshree Upadhyay

Mother's Womb Is a University, Start Educating Your Unborn Child

- Daya Agrwal

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Majestic Garbhsanskar is a really amazing it gives all the proper information and guidance to the not only pregnant lady but also to the father and whole family about creating and positive environment how to eat how to be active through 12 activities which are included in the free trial court as well as whole course importance of meditation importance of prayer as well as thinking during the whole pregnancy it is really helpful And we must join this to give birth such a child that all deserve for world to improve our next generation for better future of our world

Mrunali Patel

It's a great initiative to make pregnancy happy and calm.. after attending garbhsankar workshop I always being happy and always try to escape from negative thing .. earlier it's a realy tough task bt now it's a great feeling .Thank you majestic garbhsankar

Shruti Rajan

This course is boon for me, I came across with concept of Garbhsanskar through this app, I would recommend this course to everyone who is planning or is pregnant, it has knowledge of our ancient vedas which are universal and till fade backed by science, the course teaches us to be happy, positive and live in virtuous environment, it’s app is also very handy and simple, it has 12 activities and many music tracks, songs, garbh samvad conversations through which one can get their desired child with special qualities.

Astha Goyal Mansinghka

I am attending workshop from last 3 days and I've seen changes in myself. I'm more happier and active than before . I'm enjoying the activities and my baby is also responding more powerfully. It is really very helpful to learn how baby brain is developed inside womb , how to utilise and spend time with my baby . I've suggested this app to my cousin and friends too . Thank u MajesticGarbSanskar for helping us .

Dimpy Khemlani

Team Majestic Garbhsanskar is doing wonderful work for the betterment of the society. Great guidance.

Mrs. Vaishali Upadhyay

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